Who is 



    - U16 Norwegian champion - 
    - 160.000 followers and 50.000.000 views -
    - Top 4 in Norway -
    - Trained with Toni Kroos - 

    I started with freestyle football in April 2020, and have since then:
    -  Won the U16 world championships
    -  Won the U16 norwegian championships
    -  Placed top 4 in all of Norway

    - Performed numerous freestyle shows, where I've entertained and inspired audiences with my spectacular tricks . My performances are always high-energy, dynamic, and engaging, and I love to interact with my audience to make the experience even more memorable.

    - Trained and filmed with Real Madrid player Toni Kroos

    - Been invited to Barcelona to do content for FC Barcelona 

    - Done collaborations with various brands and taken part in music videos, where I've incorporated my freestyle football skills into creative content. It's been a fantastic opportunity to collaborate with different companies and to showcase my talent to a broader audience! See some of the brands I have worked with below:

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